"Check Yourself"

With the creation of #CheckYourself, a powerful new call to action that launched in the U.S. and 25 countries worldwide, we helped cut through the confusion related to breast cancer screening strategies and encouraged women to take control of their own breast health.

It kicked off on the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a social media campaign that featured the release of a music video made in collaboration with singer and choreographer Paula Abdul. The song and dance is based on the simple steps a person should take to check themselves for breast cancer.

Users were invited to help spread the word and educate others by creating their own personal dance video and sharing it on Facebook with the #CheckYourself hashtag.

  • Role Creative Director, in collaboration with writer Alex Cairo
  • For Avon Foundation for Women
  • Type Social and Experiential Campaign
  • Media Online Video, Mobile, Branding

“The most noteworthy accomplishment, however — besides providing a Paula Abdul career update and, you know, spreading a positive message — may be the way Abdul makes the words “clinical exam” sound like they’ve always belonged in a big pop song.”
– TIME Magazine

We designed the logo by leveraging the iconic pink ribbon and turning it into the shape of a check mark.

The Check Yourself App is a simple, useful tool that educates women, sends self-examination and mammogram reminders, allows users to document and share changes instantly with their doctor, and more.

The YouTube channel features the music video, user-generated dance content, a live tally of the number of people who have “checked themselves”, behind the scenes outtakes and more.

Similar content, along with campaign signage is pinned on Pinterest.

Unique Facebook profile pictures and branded filters increase participation during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Stickers distributed at clinics and breast cancer walks help spread the word.