"Come As You Are"

If there’s a brand that stands for being one-of-a-kind and feeling comfortable in your own shoes, it’s Crocs.

Seeing that they’ve always ridden their own wave, even through seas of haters, we helped them rebrand themselves by embracing their vibrant versatility and celebrating what individuality means in today’s world. And we invited celebrities, like Drew Barrymore and John Cena, to help us spread the word and bring that story to life.

“Come As You Are Brand Video”

John Cena on Not Being Afraid

“Drew Barrymore on Perfectionism”

“Henry Lau on Beauty”

“John Cena on Self Doubt”

“Drew Barrymore on Being A Mother”

“Yoona Lim on Self Confidence”

“Kettlebells with John”

“Behind The Scenes with Drew”

“Behind The Scenes with John”

“Front or Back Strap with Drew”

“Behind The Scenes with Henry Lau”

“Venice Beach with John Cena”